Tuesday, 15 November 2016

A Vegan's Guide to New York // Lunch & Dinner

Another vegan foodie instalment, this time covering all the savoury spots I visited during the trip. As you can tell at the odd place I was so hungry I forgot to snap a photo of the shop front.. really need to improve my organisation and photography.

Champs Diner (100% Vegan)

Order - Baja Fish Burrito

I could not fault the food here, there was plenty of it and the 'fish' pieces used were identical to what I remember of actual fish. The salad was a nice fresh accompaniment too - loved the crunchy radish topping. Quick side-note though; our waitress never cracked a single smile and her colleague proceeded to tell us the tip left wasn't big enough, which soured the meal. Differences aside, you will find good and plentiful food here, and the breakfast menu sounds amazing too.

Sweetgreens (some Vegan, some GF)

Order - Shredded Romaine, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, wild rice, sweet potato pieces, warm chickpeas and a spicy cashew dressing

This was the tastiest salad I've ever eaten; flavoursome, crunchy and filling with just the right amount of dressing. I customised my own bowl which gave me loads of vegan options, and I finished every last scrap. If you're wanting a lighter lunch in the city or are a big salad fan, you have to try Sweetgreens!

Pala Pizza (some Vegan, some GF)

Order - Porri e Salsiccia (veggie sausage, hot peppercorns, leeks, sundried tomatoes and daiya cheese)

This Italian joint did a great job of offering and understanding our dietary preferences, and the pizza and main options for standard, vegan and gluten free diets were quite vast. However, the pricing was quite steep for an ok vegan pizza so bear that in mind. For cheaper slices, try Screamers Pizzeria because I've heard good things!

Souen (some Vegan, some GF)

Order - Curry miso Ramen with tofu, squash and homemade buckwheat noodles

This little organic eatery was a great spot for vegan Ramen - the bowl was huge and filling, the food was seriously flavourful and the service friendly. If you're in the mood for high quality vegan ramen (they also offer salads, soup, sushi, pad Thai etc) check out Souen in either Soho or the East Village.

Bonus Eateries 

Chipotle - go without cheese, sour cream and swap the meat for fajita veg and you can have yourself a vegan burrito, bowl, taco or salad with (most of) the trimmings. Don't skip the guac.

John's of 12th Street - this traditional Italian offers a whole host of pizzas, pasta dishes, mains and desserts with vegan twists tasting just as good if not better than the real thing! I'd definitely recommend the vegan Alfredo for a creamy carb overdose (aka the best thing) and the vegan spaghetti and meatballs which I had a sneaky taste of. 

Wholefoods - Not even kidding, roaming the isles of Wholefoods and shoving everything labelled 'vegan' into my basket was on of the best experiences of my life; cookies, sushi, cakes, fresh fruit, bagels, I had zero self control... we just don't have this luxury in the UK! I warn you if you've never been before you might get carried away and end up spending $70 like we did. Multiple times.

Hope you get some ideas from this! Final foodie instalment will be for the sweet toothed amongst you...

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