Sunday, 28 September 2014

Introducing: Bobbi Brown's Sheer Powder Brush

If there was one beauty tool I could only ever dream of getting my hands on, it would be without question the Suqqu Cheek Brush. A favourite of Lisa Eldridge (makeup queen) and many other artists worldwide, the perfectly tapered, expertly crafted, and supposed "kitten paw" softness really do make this my most desirable brush. Unfortunately, the £80+ price tag means it will without a doubt always remain a dream and nothing more.

For months now, I've been browsing the 'Brushes and Tools' section of every beauty website under the sun to find a brush similar enough to Suqqu's offering (a small and amazing quality cheek brush) in hope to delete the Selfridges Suqqu page from my bookmarks.

I think I may have come quite close; enter Bobbi Brown's Sheer Powder Brush.

Firstly, shape and size - roughly the size of my nose (completely useless comparison, but nothing in my Real Techniques stash compares) with long flexible bristles tapered enough for contouring, but flat enough for powder, this seems perhaps ever-so-slightly larger than Suqqu's but still half the size of my RT Blush Brush. So far so good.

Secondly, application. This seems to pick up the precise amount of product (although a tap off of excess is always advised) and blends all forms of everything onto your face like a dream. Blush, bronzer, highlight, contour and powder - it works amazingly with them all. Not to mention, as much as I love my RT brushes, the appearance of this one is much more luxurious and feels that tad more professional.

Finally, price. Coming in at £30, the Sheer Powder Brush is almost a third of the cost of the Suqqu one, yet is well over the cost of four Real Techniques brushes. For me after trying this one, I am more than happy paying that much more for an increase in quality, and more importantly for the unique shapes of brushes that can't be found on the high street as they can make such a difference in makeup application and the overall look.

If you're looking into buying a higher-end brush, the Sheer Powder is a great place to start because of it's multi-uses, and no doubt it will last for years. Also, if you can't get your hands on this Bobbi Brown option, Charlotte Tilbury's Powder and Sculpt, and Trish McEvoy's #48 look fairly similar.

What are your favourite makeup brushes? Any new ones I should try?


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