Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Time to Accessorise

Talking overlooked staples today; those pieces I don't remember putting on, but feel completely naked without. 

  • The timepiece. I was never a watch person, always thinking they didn't suit me, or with the mindset that a phone was enough. Fast-forward to now, and since picking out this Olivia Burton specimen a while back, I can't take it off. Opting for a classic black, white and gold combination was a solid choice, this thing goes with anything and can be equally smart and casual. For around the £60-70, you can bag yourself something similar, or can look into the bigger detailed designs for around £130. Other watch brands whose aesthetic I love are Larsson and Jennings, Daniel Wellington, Skagen and vintage Rolex's. (I'm dreaming but for me some of these epitomise the classic watch and are, in my eyes, timeless). Spot the dad joke. 
  • A dainty necklace. This Marida Jewellery 'sequin' necklace is one of my most-loved pieces right now. It works just as perfectly with an old T-shirt and skinnies as it does with a formal dress and heels, which means it gets a whole lotta wear. The sterling silver has kept shiny so far, and goes with everything.

That's all for today,  do you have any accessories you couldn't live without?


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