Saturday, 25 June 2016

YouTubers You'll Want to Watch

Yes, consistency is not my strong point. But also I have to say that I love writing on here and interacting with you guys so I'm gonna put loads more energy into CloudEsmé now I've finished school, starting today:)

... Now that's over, here we have one of my favourite escapism tactics: YouTube! Here are my top recommendations at the moment...
  1. Jessica Clements & Erik Conover - not only are Erik and Jess the most positive souls ever, they are also incredibly motivational and humble. Erik posts frequent life and travel vlogs which often feature Jessica, and Jessica has her own beauty/style/lifestyle channel; I'm obsessed. Not to mention they win the best looking couple award, period. Also watch one vid and you'll want to go to New York, I promise.
  2. Stella Rae - Stella is such an inspiring human. She's a breath of fresh air on youtube; cuts the shit, promotes an awesome message, and is damn motivational. Whether you want vlogs, advice videos, or are looking for some vegan tips, Stella is your next stop. Daily videos=endless entertainment.
  3. Laura Miller - Laura is one super creative chef and one hilarious woman. Countless vegan recipes packed with humour, food and more delicious food. Ah my favourite things. The sort of videos you can watch way more than once. Either pop to Tastemade or Laura's own channel to get stuck in. Oh her new book is also amazing. Should I stop now?
  4. JessBeautician - Another food-centric fave, Jess' #VeganJune is the best collection of 'What I Eat in a Day' videos I've ever seen. This is the sort of food everyone and anyone with tastebuds wants to eat, half of it doesn't even appear plant-based. Thinking outside the box is an understatement with Jess' ingredient and meal combos, the only downside is you'll want to eat everything through the screen, it's that good.
  5. TheVeganCorner - Besides the narrator's brilliant sense of humour, this channel has some of the best and most reliable Vegan recipes I've tried. The quality of the content is amazing, with some recipes taking months to perfect and many being super original ideas. Though I'm only transitioning into veganism myself, I enjoy experimenting into these recipes whenever I can and if you're interested too, head over there now! (Try first: the brownies, oh my goodness)
  6. SunbeamsJess - I've been watching Jess for around 3 years now and her content never disappoints. Her time management amazes me, as although she attends university, the caliber of her content would make you think it was her full time job! I particulary adore Jess' lookbooks and haul videos, she has the coolest and most effortless style ever.
  7. HelloKatyxo - Another channel I've been watching for years, Katy is basically the big sister you never had (unless you have one already, now you've got multiple ;)). Her talks on life, teenagerdom and society can be so relatable, and she is such a good advice giver and all-around role model. Not to mention her fashion and interior style is soo pretty.
  8. ThrivingOnPlants - another foodie one here... Cherie creates some of the most insane what I eat in a day videos around. Her meal ideas, snappy editing style, and swanky music choices are a match made in heaven. Once again if you're into some plant-based deliciousness, click that link!
  9. Koi Fresco - Koi's channel is fascinating, packed full of educational and spiritual material which really makes you question a lot about society, your surroundings, and yourself. A recent find for me but I've definitely binged. Yup he's pretty cool.
Hope this has given you some fresh content to check out or has reminded you of some of your favourite YouTube channels, thanks for reading! PS would you want a blog version of this list? Let me know:)


  1. This has definitely given me some fresh content to check out, thank you! I always love finding new channels to watch but I struggle with actually finding them in the first place so this was great.

  2. I don't really watch any of these youtubers but I'll definitely check them out! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

    1. Hope you like what you see :) (warning they're quite addictive, especially the daily ones!)