Monday, 15 August 2016

Vegan Meal Ideas

I could sit here and talk about food all day long, but I'll save you from that and condense my favourite meal ideas into little post-sized chunks like this one. Drumroll for the new series... Vegan Meal Ideas (did I give that away already?) Nothing weird around here, just tasty sweet and savoury dishes I make on an everyday basis, hoping to inspire you to try something new or to give you some inspiration on those days where you've stared at a full fridge and thought 'there's nothing for me to eat' (been there) Enjoy and happy cooking!

Breakfast: Vanilla Banana Smoothie Bowl
Blitz around 3 frozen bananas with a splash of vanilla essence until smooth (for a more tropical taste add mango, for more of a cake-sweet flavour add peanut butter). I topped mine with strawberries, blueberries, chopped medjool dates and coconut, but practically anything fruity/breakfast-y/sweet works here.

Lunch: Minimalist Baker's Trashy Vegan Sandwich (from their 'Everyday Cooking' book)
Toast two slices of bread. Stuff with all the goodies you can find; hoummus, avocado, pickles, tomatoes, beetroot, lettuce and caramelised onions. Do not forget the caramelised onions.

Dinner: Minimalist Baker's Chickpea Masala Curry (also from their 'Everyday Cooking' book)
This is definitely one of my favourite dinners so far. Can you tell I'm a big fan of Dana's recipes? The sauce is a blend of coconut milk, fried carrots, onions and garlic and a bunch of spices, which is topped with toasted chickpeas. I serve mine with brown rice, avocado and leafy greens for a nice hot/cold mix.

Hope you enjoyed this foodie line-up, I'd love to add more of this stuff to the blog so feel free to leave any requests in the comments, and tell me some of your favourite dishes so we can share delicious recipes :D


  1. All of these look really good to me right now, especially because I'm currently starving! The smoothie bowl is definitely my favourite though, I love a good smoothie bowl and something swet like that in the morning.

    1. Hehe quick go grab some food! Nothing worse than feeling really hungry, especially if you get hangry like me;) They're amazing right?!

  2. Amazing ideas hun! I love making a vegan curry/dahl/chilli and putting it with rice and homemade guacamole. LOVE the blog xxxx


    1. Thank you that means a lot! Just read your latest post and am looking forward to the new direction, I feel like we're on a similar wavelength :) Ooh not made a dahl in ages, I think you may have just declared tonights dinner :D

  3. This is exactly the kind of meal I eat, so your article gives me ideas :)


    Fatou D

  4. Awesome meals! What I love about them is they have pretty simple ingredients but look so tasty - a great combo, especially when you're in a hurry/being lazy :)
    I'm vegetarian rather than vegan but I definitely look at more vegan options nowadays and its great when I find gems like this

    Lucy x

    1. Less is more as they say, and you can't go wrong with classic flavours! And thanks, that's great to hear :D