Sunday, 28 August 2016

Who Am I?

Today brings you a quick lowdown about myself. I thought it wouldn't hurt seeing as all you've ever known about me was a sentence crammed into the side bar, or up there in the 'about' tab (which might also be two years out of date- woops -I'll hopefully have that sorted by the time this post goes up).

  1. I live for food/cooking/baking/all of the above
  2. I don't have a middle name
  3. I once spotted The Cheeky Girls at a restaurant in London  
  4. Speaking of London, I love the city and always feel so buzzed and happy when I visit
  5. I studied Geography, History and English Literature at A2 Level, and have just finished school. Leading on to..
  6. I have absolutely zero clue of what I want to pursue now sixth form is over (help)
  7. I cannot go a day without some sort of music (Noah and the Whale, The Wombats, Kanye West to name a few favourites)
  8. I have dreamt of road tripping across America from NYC to LA for as long as I can remember 
  9. I unexpectedly met Lily Pebbles and ViviannaDoesMakeup in Oxford Circus in December and it served as a huge reminder of how much I wanted to kick-start my blog again (they were just as kind as they are in videos despite me butchering my words, quelle surprise)
  10. I've become incredibly emotional in my old age concerning TV and films, recently I cried at least 6 times during 'Up' (don't even get me started on rom-coms)
  11. I have one older brother who is an absolute ledge
  12. For my Year 3 nativity I had to memorise 3 A4 pages to narrate in front of the whole assembly hall.. public speaking has made me shudder me ever since
  13. I have no sporting talents whatsoever but for some reason can touch the top of my head with my foot (I don't understand either)
  14. Anything regarding the sky, stars and the expanse of the universe has always fascinated me; these days I often just look up and gaze whenever I can 
  15. I used to be an incredibly fussy eater, nowadays there's not much besides olives, pomegranate seeds or parsley that I won't eat (what did I tell ya, food is life)
  16. I despise making and answering phone calls
  17. I love graphic design, fashion, interior design and typography (shoutout to the handwriting competition I won in primary school) and would love to involve such things into my life or career in the future
There you have it, some fragments of my life which hopefully gave you a pretty good summary of me for now. Let me know one fact about yourself down below and you never know, we might just have some things in common:)

Thanks for reading,


  1. I love your music taste! How you can't like pomegranate seeds though is beyond me

    1. Eee, thanks I do love a good variety ;) Haha I keep trying but I'm not sold yet!

  2. I'm the same - just finished sixth form! I'm off to University, but I have real idea of what I want to do after that so I'm hoping the course will help me figure it out! I looove ViviannaDoesMakeup, you must be so happy you got to meet her! x

    |Georgia Megan|

    1. Ahh how exciting, I'm sure lots of opportunities will crop up - good luck! Yeah it was so weird seeing her in person but she was lovely :)