Sunday, 25 September 2016

My Everyday Makeup Routine

Coming at you today with another picture of my face (sorry) to show you the look I've been wearing for a good 6 months. Universal, failsafe and quick, this bronze toned look sits in that partly polished, partly undone category (which I'm all about) and can be done in a speedy 10 minutes. Here goes...

  1. Skin - Liz Earle Reflective Concealer under eyes and on blemishes. The coverage isn't the fullest with this but even when layered it looks exactly like skin and blends seamlessly, so is perfect if you only need something light and fresh looking. Rather than powdering, I'll take a Blotting Sheet to my T-zone to keep skin as breathable as possible and will take the packet in my bag for on the go.
  2. Brows - Maybelline Permanent Taupe Colour Tattoo & Essence Brow This Way. Besides brushing them upwards more recently, you can see the exact routine for my eyebrows here :)
  3. Cheeks - NARS Laguna Bronzer in cheek hollows, on temples, and top of forehead to add a bit of shape and a boost of colour. If I'm not already a beetroot after the morning shower, I'll pop a bit of the Hourglass Dim Infusion Blush on top of where the bronzer goes. 
  4. Eyes - Dusted the lid with bronzer (as above), darkened lash-line with a rich matte brown shadow, and coated lashes with Liz Earle's Brown Mascara. This mascara is definitely build-able, but leans more on the natural side so is a great daily option. Some days I'll add a pale shimmer on my bottom lash-line if I'm feeling I want a little something extra. 
  5. Lips - Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lip Balm. This can change, but most often I'll stick to a balm like this amazing chocolatey tasting one.
There you have it! This can take me anything from 10 mins to half an hour (depending on how late I am) but I find putting on makeup quite therapeutic so I'll quite often drag out the process;) 

Do you have any everyday staples? What's your go-to look?