Thursday, 29 September 2016

The New York To-Do List

Surprise! I'm soon embarking on my first New York trip and I am so excited to be there and be able to share parts of the holiday with you. I thought by putting together a to-do list for the course of the week it would help any of you planning a holiday to the Big Apple or if you simply want to google image parts of this concrete jungle and it's iconic points of interest (guilty). This is going to include the classic landmarks, shopping hotspots, activities, and places I've seen instagrammed so many times I'll be kicking myself if I miss a visit ;) Here's what we've got in mind for our trip so far! Suggestions welcome!

P. O. I

  1. Statue of Liberty 
  2. Top of the Rock
  3. Empire State Building
  4. The High Line
  5. Brooklyn Bridge Park
  6. Central Park
  7. Grand Central Terminal
  8. Ground Zero 
  9. The One World Trade Centre & Observatory
  10. Times Square 
  11. NY Public Library


  1. See a Broadway Show (we're thinking the Lion King)
  2. Walk along Brooklyn Bridge
  3. Helicopter Ride (maybe, I'll let you know if we go for it!)
  4. Wander Chelsea Market
  5. Picnic on Sheep's Meadow
  6. Taking a yellow cab (can I get any more touristy?)
  7. Bike rental in Central Park
  8. Explore Chinatown

SHOPPING (totally not my domain..)

  1. Reformation
  2. Madewell
  3. Free People
  4. Aritzia
  5. Sephora
  6. Explore Soho
  7. Vintage/thrifting in Brooklyn
  8. Barneys/Saks/Bergdorfs (just one but you get the idea)
  9. Macy's or Bloomingdales (they've been in so many films it'd be rude not to)
  10. Cloak and Dagger (found this boutique via's handy shop line-up)
  11. Anthropologie


  1. MoMA
  2. Guggenheim (the sold gold toilet can't go amiss) 
  3. Museum of Natural History
  4. The MET
Have you visited NY? What would you recommend?


  1. You have no idea how jealous I am of you right now! Haha - New York is probably one of the most amazing places I've been and you will have an amazing time! I think you've pretty much got all the good bits down here - Can absolutely recommend Empire State Building (if you can - go at night it's views are incredible) and Time Square is pretty awesome too! I went on a helicopter ride and it was brilliant!

    You're so right on seeing the Lion King too - definitely the best show I've ever seen (though it was in London - I'm sure it'll be just as incredible on Broadway!)

    Josie // JosieVictoriaa

    PS. I did a post aaggess ago on my trip to New York if you wanted to check it out before you go JosieVictoriaa - New York New York!

    1. Ahh you've made me even more excited now! Check, check, check, I'm definitely gonna push for the helicopter ride because I've never been in one before and by the look of your post it looks so much fun! Thanks for your kind comment :)