Monday, 29 February 2016


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Hello again, remember me? First of all, thank you sincerely to all of you reading this for sticking around these parts. Second of all, lets brush off some cobwebs about my absence. The reason was that I was losing my momentum with CloudEsmé; something I always suspected would happen on occasion but was made regretfully longer with the stress (see: soul-consuming hell) of exam season, and worsened with the evident hobby-commitment issues. Around the end of 2014 I'd become aware that this blog was no longer a true reflection of my personality and I suspected that the posts were becoming limited and burnt out and no longer something I felt would be consistently enjoyable for you to read. Of course soon after this realisation, the ol' school stress bombshell hit and the rough patch when you become beyond sick of pressure and deadlines had struck. Consequently, I stopped writing leisurely and as a result put the blog on hold.

Over the course of 2015, I increasingly missed interacting with you all, as well as missed reading the work of other bloggers. With months of no creativity I started reflecting on what the blog was previously lacking; variety! I also realised that I wasn't asking you enough questions; feedback is going to be so valuable in the future and it would be great to involve and satisfy as many of you as possible. The ultimate aim is for my site to be somewhere you can browse when you're bored on the bus home, in need of some light escapism when you've had a shit day or simply want an insight into the life of a 17 year old attempting to operate a website;) No matter which circumstance you happen to visit CloudEsmé for, here's hoping the revived content is stuff you enjoy reading and keeps you happy.

Without setting up a strict promised schedule, I can tell you that you can indeed expect something within the next few weeks. Ooh, before I forget, let me know if (any of?) the following post ideas float your boat:
  • Music favourites
  • Art favourites
  • School advice
  • Saturday-Job tips
  • Personal/life advice
  • Reflective posts (i.e. any rants or existential crisis' on my mind)
  • Styles/pieces I love
  • Blog/YouTube channel recommendations
  • Health/beauty advice and most-loved products
  • Recipes and food ramblings
  • Travel/future aspirations 
  • just about anything I personally would like to read that I'll try to write about somewhat coherently
And if none of them do, I guess I'll have to be sole contributor and reader haha
No, seriously do let me know and once again apologies for the unexpected lengthly blog break...fingers crossed not to happen again :)
Will write soon, Esmé

(Ps. So nervous to post this, but seeing as 29 Feb only happens once every 4 years, I've decided to just go for it today..)


  1. Sometimes it's good to have a blogging break, you come back feeling refreshed with loads of new ideas. Looking forward to reading your future posts!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. I do feel a lot more inspired now, thanks so much for stopping by Alice!

  2. All your future posts sound great, I really like the food and music ideas! Welcome back lovely x

    1. I'll be sure to write some of those now I know people would read em:) Thankyou for your feedback and kind wishes Cara!

  3. A blogging break can do wonders for your inspiration! All your ideas are wonderful, I've always loved life + health posts :)
    – Sunday Chapter

    1. Got plenty of fresh ideas now, I'm excited:) Thanks for the feedback Angela, I love your blog!